United States Map GIF Animation

Shown here is a conceptual area chart of the United States. Popular formats include GIF, video and SVG animations. The chart shown here is GIF format, created with Adobe After Effects. 

United States Map GIF

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U.S. Map Video Infographic

Below is a video animation of the U.S., GIF’s can actually be a bit limiting in the amount of detail the animation can range. This is due to their file size and support of granular details (shading, pixel-perfect illustrations, etc.). More on the best practices of GIFs can be found here

Elements of Map Animations

This line animation example above was created using Adobe After Effects. The brief/requirements of the company in need here was to create a line graph that utilizes a build up over a short period of time. Rather than having the dark blue line fade in all at once, it appears as a timeline animation might and grows over the horizontal axis. 

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