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Video Ad Creation & Cost

Hi There! I’m Jon, a U.S. based motion graphics designer and 2D animator.

Video ads are perfect for fast-visual messages. Browse below for some samples and use the video cost-calculator to get a sense of what something similar will cost.

20 Second Ad that contains a brief logo animation, brand colors and continuous flow.

10 Second dynamic ad that is perfect to showcase a product photo, icons and CTA.

10 Second logo animation that can be used as a branded intro for any video assets.

Wondering the cost of creation for

Video Ads?

Use The Calculator:

YouTube Videos

Whether using as part of an advertising campaign or a standalone video, animated videos help CTR.

Instagram Videos

Instagram and Facebook videos are a step up from static posts, these help stop the endless scroll and short attention spans.


Whether B2C or B2B, animated videos can be used within native platform advertising to help direct visitors where to go.

Landing Pages

No matter what your CMS, videos or graphic animations can be supplemental to the content within a landing page.

Ecommerce Ads

Ecommerce ads provide the advertiser to showcase their product photos in addition to animated icons and headlines.

Data Integration

Already know what headlines (through Split-Testing) work well for your industry? Let's be sure to incorporate them!

Here are Some Frequently asked

Questions & Answers

Video ads can be made for any social media platform or for landing pages. Common dimensions are 1920 x 1080 (rectangular) or 1080 x 1080 (square) pixel format. 

No, not at all. I would be glad to help come up with the headlines used but please keep in mind that you will certainly know your industry better than I. 

If you already have the script or headlines to choose from, the project can be expedited a bit. 

Yes, absolutely! Video ads can include sound FX, background music and more. However, sometimes adding sounds in later (if need be) is the right way to go for maximum versatility.

Yes, of course. Please feel free to mention that you have a voiceover already and I can help integrate this into the ad prior to starting the animating process. 

Video Ads

Whatever your animated video may be for, I would be glad to chat through any of the process and considerations before starting. 

Feel free to submit your questions here or use the calculator above to fill out where you are in the process thus far in order to save time later. 

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