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Overlay Designer

Custom video overlays can be used to supplement your video footage or photos. Some common uses are video presentations, advertisements, and multimedia presentations.

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Video Footage

Overlay icons, images, and even other video clips on top of your stock video or video presentations. Layered media is engaging and powerful.

Photos & Images

Transparent images with no background and icons help convey messages faster than a written article. Combine multiple icons for visual infographics.

Custom Transitions

Already have a presentation or PowerPoint? Start by converting your photos, video and other branded content into a full media presentation.

Buttons & More

Subscription buttons and animations can be embedded on top of your YouTube videos or other channels. Common placement includes video pre-roll and outros.

Projects or Questions?

Get in touch using the form below to start brainstorming your next video presentation project or read on below for some FAQ about video overlays.

What Are Video Overlays

Video overlays are footage or media that are laid on top of another piece of footage or media format. For example, a photo or logo that is inserted on top of a moving background layer. 

The benefits of using an overlay, whether a static layer or moving animation, helps to create a more visually-engaging end project. 

Multiple Videos

Whether you are transitioning from one video clip to another or simply inserting one clip over another, video overlays can assist by making a smooth transition.

Dynamic Headlines & Text

Text can be used as call to actions within the video or at the end to inform the viewer what further information or steps they could take next. 

Bullet points and featured lists are also common uses of text-based overlays.

Overlay a Picture on a Video

Photos and images can be used to add popups and callouts to your video footage. Let’s say you have a voice over narration on your video or presentation. 

Timing the appropriate photos to move dynamically through the video goes a long way. Make sure the images you use however, do not have a white border background or are masked (can be embedded into circles or other shapes for a unique infographic-look).

Video Presentations

Multimedia presentations can begin to form when incorporating video footage, photos, logos and perhaps even background music. 

Other video elements that are typically incorporated into a video presentation are icons, brand colors, and text-callouts.

Transparent Video Overlays

A transparent background is one of the most important aspects of video overlays. We want to be able to see the video, photo, or other elements in the background of the overlay (as the name suggests it goes on top of the original item).

Video Formats

Common format types for photos or images as overlays are .PNG or vector format (.AI or .EPS). When importing or exporting a video (if you are doing this yourself), it is important to use an alpha-layer format to ensure that none of the background gets in the way. 

^This is only if you are going the DIY route. 

Some Feedback

It was a pleasure to work with Jon to develop a marketing video animation for a product launch. He is very talented and creative, and is easy to communicate with. He was able to make himself available when we needed to complete this project quickly, and was patient when waiting for our team to review and provide feedback. Thank you for a job well done, Jon!
Sarah W.
Koch Industries
"Jon quickly grasped the output of what we were trying to accomplish and created an animation that matched our intent and message we were trying to land. I would recommend Jon and would work with him again!"
Nancy L.
Microsoft Team Leader