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Video Overlays

Looking for transparent video overlays? By inserting motion graphic elements into your videos, you can make use of creative popups, call to action buttons and more. Learn more below…

1. What Are Video Overlays

Video overlays allow you to add a variety of different motion graphic elements and transparent backgrounds to your videos. No matter what video platform you are uploading your projects to (whether it be Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.), there are 2D elements that will pair well. 

The example below shows what an animated subscription counter would look like when added to your uploaded Youtube video. 

Most videos that are posted to a social media platform, in this case Youtube, can benefit from a CTA (call to action) button, subscriber visual queue or even animated arrows that direct the user’s eyes to what you would like them to do next. 

This is especially important if you are monetizing your channel with the Youtube Partner Program, adsense. Because Youtube pays you to host different advertisers on your videos, the more subscribers you have the better. It’s your job now to convert those visitors from the Search Bar into subscribers for an even further reach.

This however, can be applied to any video platform. Landing pages are also a key area for CTAs at the end of your videos. Say, for example, you have an ecommerce site or blog and you are trying to grow the subscriber email list. You may have a special opt-in offer (coupon, discount code, etc.) for those who subscribe after watching your landing page video. You will most likely want a visual call to action button that directs user’s attention to below the video after it is done playing, keeping them moving down your sales funnel.  

2. How To Use Video Overlays

The example below is simple but effective, whether it be a video or landing page. The bouncing arrow below points further down the page, indicating that there is related information as you move on. 

This brings us to our next topic of focus for video overlays, the animated infographic or icon. Charts, data visualization and more can be a powerful pairing when you are explaining a topic that might require a bit more of the user’s attention. For example, a teaching tutorial, explainer video, or powerpoint presentation that you have converted to video format. 

3. How To Add Video Overlays

Adding in your animated overlay will vary depending on the software of choice. Personally, I prefer using Adobe After Effects. The first step to overlay creation is creating the design in Adobe Illustrator. After the design is complete, loading into Adobe After Effects takes just a few seconds. 

Animated Overlay Subscribe Button

The important factor to remember during this next step is to remember to use a transparent background. While this is not a full tutorial on either Illustrator or After Effects, there are plenty of “how to” videos on Youtube and Google. This post is simply an overview of video overlays and their capabilities. 

after effects overlay

You will need to use a transparent background (done in the click of a button in After Effects) because you are layering your video elements. The overlay animation should always go on top of the original video, the original video will now become the background layer. 

4. GIF Overlays

Keeping in mind that the background layer should be the original video or animation, watermarks and static logos are created in the exact same process. Remember to create the logo or image with a transparent background before overlaying the image. A PNG image will work perfectly for a watermark. 

One thing to note is that if you are creating a watermark, vs. a logo overlay, the transparency should be set to lower than 100 percent. This is because a watermark will typically be used for project files and animations where credit is due or the video is not yet finalized (in the revision process). I typically use a transparency of 25-30%, depending on the background color. This allows for the viewer to see what is behind the watermark as well whereas logos will (typically) not need to be seen through. 

5. Streaming Animated Overlays

Certain streaming services such as Twitch, Facebook, and a variety of other webcam/broadcasting services allow you to add your own overlays, logos and media elements. Each of these will have their own set of directions but the creation stage remains the same. 

If you already have your logos, videos, or other overlays ready to add and need assistance, don’t hesitate to get in touch and I’d be glad to get your videos ready to upload. Get in touch below. 

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