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Video Presentations

Let's Get You a Unique Video Presentation...

Types of Presentations

Browse below for some examples and further information on video presentations. Samples & Mockups are available upon request. 

Powerpoint Conversion

Convert your Powerpoint Presentation to video with unique transitions

Conferences & shows

Perfect for accompanying trade show displays and stands


Animated data visualizations and charts help clarify bottom lines

Corporate Communication

Internal training videos created to help expedite learning and culture changes

Content Marketing

External video assets created for advertisements and social channels


Timeline infographics and line animations that depict a changing landscape

What Is a Video Presentation?

A video presentation, either for corporate enterprises, teachers, or training videos incorporate a mixture of different media formats. While the final output may indeed be one HD Video, photos and creative infographics are typically a part of the final deliverable. 

Corporate Logo Introductions

Video presentations can be as short or long as you need them to be. Seen here is a logo animation that was created for the beginning of every new video asset that is created in the future.

Powerpoint Presentations

What if you already have a Powerpoint presentation that you want to be converted to video? By giving the stock images, icons, and text a unique layout and “flow,” you can easily create a custom presentation for any meeting and video display. 

Video Ads

Video presentations do not only have to stay in the marketing meetings, you can take any presentation you already have and spruce it up a bit to become a dynamic and engaging advertisement for other media channels. 

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How To Make a Video Presentation?

Depending how you start the presentation process you have a few different options. If you go the DIY route, you can convert your presentation to a video format through Powerpoint’s “presentation to video” feature. 

The downside with this is that the timing, transitions and capabilities will not be as smooth as a powerpoint created specifically for video format. For example, the Adobe Creative Suite includes two powerful tools to begin with, Adobe Illustrator and After Effects. By using the two of these you can create icons, infographics and charts and then animate everything to flow together. 

Can I Use Background Audio?

Absolutely. Video presentations can incorporate any number of sound effects and background audio. This helps to keep the video flowing and create the corporate atmosphere that your presentation, ad, or other piece of content might need to stand out in a saturated market place. 

What Can I Put In My Video?

Just like a presentation created with Powerpoint, Google Slides, or any other presentation software, you are free to include any type of media that you like inside the presentation. Common items include; stock images, corporate logos, charts and other infographic elements. 

Why Is a Video Presentation Important?

The major benefit of creating a video presentation is the “flow” of the graphics, media, and potential narration. When combining all of these elements together in a smooth video format (including animated transitions), you are left with less “chop” and less need for a mouse click to keep the presentation moving. 

What Is The Video Background?

Depending on the presentation requirements, a video presentation can incorporate photo backgrounds or single corporate (branded) colors.

Where Can I Get a Video Presentation?

Glad you asked! You can get a either by creating the design yourself in PPT and then converting to video… or getting in touch below and receiving a free sample (based on your requirements). 

Free Video Presentation Mockup

Need some ideas? Get in touch below and I’d be glad to brainstorm and create a free video presentation intro (based on your requirements) while you are thinking of what else to include. Already have a PPT presentation? Attach and send it over below and I’d be glad to create an intro based on the text and subject at hand. 

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