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Custom video Slideshows

Your Photos. Your Colors. Creative Animation.

Hi There! I’m Jon, a creative Motion Graphic Designer. Among other things, I create unique video slideshow presentations, mockups are free!

Check out the sample video here to learn more about the components and features that go into a video slideshow presentation. If you’re ready to get started, choose your plan from below and fill out the brief order form to reserve your spot in line.

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Video Slideshow Options

Slideshow Animations & Creations

Additional Extras

Other options, if you feel so inclined, can include background music, title slides and animated headlines.

Choose your plan above and then fill out the short order form below to reserve your spot in the queue. 


Need to include for your next presentation? Common export types are HD in either .MP4 or .MOV file format. 

Both of these can easily be embedded into your presentation or shared in the cloud.

Choose Your Plan & Pricing

Start by choosing your video slideshow service below. Don’t worry you aren’t invoiced for anything until after your free intro mockup. I’d be glad to create the intro and animate the first few photos for you so that you can get a sense of the direction. 

If the style or direction doesn’t match what you’d like to see, no worries! Due to the busy-nature of projects on my desk, I do ask that you reserve your spot in line here. Getting started is easy and only requires the brief form filled out below, thanks!

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Get Your Slideshow

Simple Slideshow

$ 2 Photo
  • Animated Intro/Outro
  • Simple Transitions
  • Photo Duration 4 Seconds

Fancy Slideshow

Custom Transitions & More
$ 3 Photo
  • Animated Intro/Outro
  • Custom Transitions
  • Photo Duration 4 Seconds
  • Optional Background Music

Media Slideshow

Photo & Video Clips
$ 50 Starting Fee
  • Animated Intro/Outro
  • Custom Transitions
  • Photo Duration 4 Seconds
  • Optional Background Music
  • Up to 15 Second Video Clips