Data Animation

Whether you’re looking for big data infographics, custom GIFs for presentations or any type of chart (bar, financial and more) animated data  can help bring life to your next presentation or pitch. 

Data Visualization

Below you’ll find a few examples of some animated infographics, charts and graphs. Designing, and most importantly animating, your data starts with your messaging and determining where the final animation will reside. Popular places are Powerpoint presentations, websites and social media. One of the most popular requests that I receive is to create animated infographics that will be placed within part of a larger project. 

Read on below to learn more about data animations and considerations…

Animated Data Formats

Animated Data Visualization Tools

There are a variety of 3rd party software tools and ways to animate your data. Some are subscription based, such as tableau or something like Powtoons if you’re looking for more of an explainer-style video.

However, if you’re looking to make the most unique graphics and animations, I might recommend something like the Adobe Creative Suite. They offer everything you’ll need to create any type of creative visualization videos.

Why Use Motion Graphics For Data Animation?

Using animated videos for your data animations, or part of a pitch/presentation, can help marketing managers, sales leaders, and customers engage with your messaging faster. 

Motion graphics, allow for a crisper and more customizable style of animation. These typically can incorporate logos and more. 

Powerpoint Data Animations

Presentation software like Powerpoint, Prezi or other popular tools are great, but sometimes leads to limitations. 

They were never meant to be as robust as something like Adobe After Effects where you can really control the timing, speed and advanced animation effects. Within something like Powerpoint, you’re limited to the animations that the software provide.