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Read on below for posts about websites, design and more. Feel free to use a contact button (located around the site) to get in touch with Jon, questions or projects welcome.

Web Design Services

Web Design Services Explore a range of web design choices, emphasizing personalized attention, agency-level expertise (at freelancer rates), and sleek, modern designs. Tailored packages accommodate

SEO For Elementor
Jon Gomes

SEO For Elementor

Welcome to the world of Elementor SEO!

Discover how Elementor, paired with smart SEO strategies, boosts your site’s visibility. From content optimization to leveraging Elementor’s features, we’ll guide you to SEO success. Whether you’re new or seasoned with Elementor, let’s maximize your website’s potential together!

bakery website template

Bakery Website Template

In this post we’ll inspect the components that go into a bakery website template. From web design to features, we’ll cover all the bases so you know what to look for or request when creating your own site.

Parts of a Website: What’s Inside

Websites are an essential part of our lives these days – and understanding how they work is becoming increasingly important. From the front-end design to the back-end code, websites consist of many different components that all need to be in sync for everything to function properly.

In this post, we’ll take a look at all the parts of a website and what goes into making it run smoothly. We’ll discuss structure and layout, navigation elements, content types, images and audio/video files, forms for user input, search engine optimization (SEO) considerations for accessibility purposes as well as security measures for privacy protection. Finally we will talk about analytics tools you can use to monitor your website’s performance over time.

How To Add Blog Post in Elementor

How To Add a Blog Post In Elementor

Adding a new blog post with the Elementor page builder doesn’t have to be complicated. In a previous post I went through how to create a blog post template for your site (all posts will conform to the design/aesthetics every time you create a new one).

In this post we’ll go through the exact process I do when adding a new blog post inside Elementor. Let’s get started!

Elementor Blog Template

Elementor Blog Template

Elementor is a powerful page building software that allows users to quickly and easily create custom WordPress blog templates. With the Global Theme Builder, Elementor provides an intuitive drag-and-drop interface for creating beautiful, professional looking blogs with minimal effort.

From choosing your layout and color scheme to optimizing for SEO and user experience, the Global Theme Builder offers everything you need to design an effective blog template tailored specifically to your needs. Let’s dive in and explore what goes into creating a successful Elementor blog template.


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