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There are many different ways to insert an animated graph or chart into your WordPress website. For starters, we’ll figure out what format might best fit your needs. Popular formats for your WP site are GIF and Video format. For example, this dynamic line graph to the right (or beneath this text if you’re on mobile) is embedded in GIF format. Find more examples and best practices below.

Have data? Get an animated version of your graph or chart. Learn more below.

Animate Your Data

Looking for a GIF or Chart animation? I’d be glad to create a brief mockup of your data in either GIF or video format. Click through on the ‘animate your data’ button and upload an image of your graph or chart. 

Benefits of GIFs

One way to embed an animated infograph to your wordpress website is through a GIF. GIFs can be resized for the web and even embedded into a PowerPoint or other type of presentation software. GIFs can be created to animate a single time or loop continuously. Find more about GIF animations here.

Video Format

Another route to showcase some your animated data is through video. The example below is an animated line graph that showcases a stock price animation over time. But how to get this into your website? It’s actually quite easy.

I embedded this video into WordPress by first uploading the video to my vimeo account. From here, Vimeo generates a URL that can be copied and pasted into WordPress. 

This site is built using Elementor’s page builder making it quite simple to embed a video (no code required).  All I have to do is choose the “video” element block from within Elementor and paste it into the area that I’d like the graph.

wordpress video url

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Need Your Graph or Chart Animated?

Looking for something similar or have questions about custom animations? I’d be glad to chat further about your project or start something similar for you.