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WordPress Website
Cost Calculator

Use my free and easy WordPress website design calculator below. Get an instant estimate as to how much your website will cost! This entire site was built using WordPress and 3rd party plugins. All components of the site, including animations, were created by me. 

Need a calculator like this? Feel free to get in touch using the button below and I’d be glad to assist. 

Just how much does it actually cost to build a WordPress website?

Great question! The main variables will depend on how much content you already have (if any) and how fast you’ll need it. Time-savers can include installing a theme you already have in mind and combining it with some powerful plugins. Feel free to browse some of my ideas for wordpress websites to learn more about what I consider to be standard builds for new sites. 

How Can I Save Money and Create a Less-Expensive Option?

Glad you asked…for one thing, if you have content ready to go (by this I mean the actual text and even a few pictures that you’d like included on the site) this can go miles in savings. What agencies will typically do is charge you an arm and a leg and then go out and find the people to actually build the site. 

Sure, you’re chatting with the agencies and they take care of everything for you but most of the time they are actually farming out the site to someone like me who will work behind the scenes. Them whammy, they slap their name on the site and hand it over. However, I will say that the agency route is probably a good option if you want all the bells and whistles. This will be beneficial because they have the partnerships in place to find the top-tier (and typically most expensive) expert for every aspect of your site (designers, animators, photographers, etc.).

While this is not necessarily a bad route, the cost for the agencies will typically be larger as they are playing the role of the ‘middle-person.’ Cut them out and you’ve got a bucket load of money left to go out and do whatever it is you do best.

Other saving variables include:

Cost of WordPress Web Hosting

Unless you don’t want a custom domain name, you’ll most definitely want to look into buying one of these for your site. Typically hosting providers will be able to sell you one of these as well as a hosting package. For those of you that don’t know what a ‘domain name’ is, it’s just a fancy way of saying the URL for your site. (i.e. what comes after the www. and before the .com portion of the site). 

What to look for in a hosting provider can include speed, support and ease of use (if you’re going the DIY-route). Typically prices will range between $4 – $15 per month. Two of my recommendations are Siteground and Bluehost. In fact, this site uses Siteground. 

WordPress Cost Calculator

Use the calculator to get an instant estimate of what a WordPress website might cost to build. Build your own budget-style for easy editing.

You’ll see the ‘total cost’ of the estimate at the bottom in green as you begin to build.


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